How to Have Sex in a Car?

People have sex in places unimaginable. There have been accounts of horny individuals going at it in the elevator, at a sports game or even on a hospital bed!

There are several reasons why public sex appeals to many people. First, these peeps attest to the incredible adrenaline rush that comes from having public sex. For some of us, the “high” comes from having an audience watch you and your partner do the romp. For others, ecstasy is achieved when they can have sex in public, unnoticed.

Sex in a car arguably ranks at the top of the fuck list of many. Think about it for a moment: you are driving down the freeway, and out of the blues, your partner touches you in-that-kind of way, and your hormones state that the time is now. So, you veer off the road and the rest, as they say, is history!

But you should note that there are always rules to follow, even for a car romp. So, before your next public sex in a car date, consider the following:

Be safe

Ensure that you do not park in the middle of the busy intersection to get your freak on. Park off the road at a reasonable distance from other road users, except you, plan to kill yourself, your partner and other innocent people! And I must say when getting ahead isn’t the right time to die.

Ensure the air conditioning is working

Except you like the sweat that comes with getting kinky under the sheets, it is best your vehicle’s air conditioning is at the top of its game. A car offers limited room for ventilation, so it makes sense to have functional cooling, to enhance the experience.

Take off as little clothing as possible

Remember that you are in a public space; therefore, you often can’t afford to strip down to your birthday suit. Common sense dictates that going for a shag in the car should require removing as little clothing as your hormones will allow. Try opening only the zipper and shifting those panties to one side; thank me later!

Be conversant with the law

Public sex is thrilling; having it in a car is electrifying. But before you eat the forbidden fruit in a vehicle in an open space, you should consider if your deed will break any laws. The ball is in your court: you can decide if those minutes of pure bliss will supersede having your mug shots appear in the public offender’s handbook of the law!

Never forget protection

Since car sex often happens on the spur of the moment (except you plan), it may be necessary to stock up on condoms. You can store them in the glove compartment or in other areas of the vehicle where you can easily access them.