Explainer Video & Animated Video for Businesses

Looking for an inspiration for your new animated explainer video? Here are the best animated explainer videos examples to inspire you and get your creative juices flowing!

Explainer videos – they are everywhere today! They present a way for educators, organizations, marketers, and businesses to present an idea, explain something or simply to tell a story.

In some cases, it is explaining a certain product, in some cases, it is explaining a company, and sometimes it is explaining a concept.

They usually feature animation that significantly improves the narration, share important details or tell a story on its own. There are so many different styles, from motion graphics to 2D line drawing, claymation, 3D animation, whiteboard-style animations, and etc. The style typically depends on what type of message you are trying to share who exactly you are trying to reach.

If you are planning to make your own animated explainer video but you are not really sure what you want to include in your video, here are great animated explainer videos examples that can inspire you and get your creative juices flowing, we will explain you with more details these explainer videos: Slack, Ethical Coffee Chain, How deep is the ocean, SafeDrive, SquareShip and Mint:

Animated Explainer Videos

Creating an Animated Explainer Video

  • Slack – This is a great example of a business sharing a story with its customers – without using a single word. The animation is doing the main work here, telling a before and after story that perfectly shows the utility of the Slack application. The style and the color scheme of the animation are based on the logo of the company which is great if you are interested in building a powerful brand and you need to attract attention and interest.
  • Ethical Coffee Chain – Another great video example you must take a look at. The style they have used is a little bit abstract, however, they are using it to share a very important message across. It is a quite simple video, the style is educational and informative, and allows us to focus on the message. By the end of this video, you will be totally convinced to buy Ethical coffee which is great as the video has achieved the most important goal.
  • How Deep is The Ocean – Tech Insider – A great example of a video that is not trying to sell you anything but instead is trying to entertain and educate. The style is really simple, with clear shapes and bright colors, and the animation is not dynamic or complicated. A great example that will inspire you for sure!
  • SafeDrive – A video that comes with a very important message. They present a problem we are all clearly aware of – texting while driving and we all know how harmful this can be. Once you will see this video, you will become emotionally engage, not just by the message they share, but also by the down-to-earth animation.
  • SquareShip – This video takes a really different approach, when compared to the ones we mentioned before. Considering the fact that the company is dealing with data storage, it makes a perfect sense to adopt an abstract but colorful style. By doing so, you can easily visualize the technical concepts and you can understand them easier. The last thing you want to do is the viewer to get bored of your video and ask you exactly what are you trying to accomplish.
  • Mint – This is the ideal example of the marketing and educational uses of the animated explainer video format. The narration in this explainer video is simple and they explain to you what the app is going to do for you.

Make sure to check all of these animated explainer videos and you will be on your way to creating one great video as well.